Find Your Balance with Ballancer®Pro: A Revolutionary Piece of Fitness Equipment!

Do you struggle to find the time and energy to stay fit and healthy? Do you often feel like your workout routine is repetitive and uninspired? If so, you’re not alone. But there’s good news –DESUAR Spa Monterey introduces Ballancer®Pro, the innovative piece of fitness equipment that will change the way you work out.

What is Ballancer®Pro?

The Ballancer®Pro is the safest and most state-of-the-art compression therapy system. Backed by decades of medical research and based on the principles of manual lymphatic drainage this FDA-cleared technology is “light years” ahead of any compression therapy system. The Ballancer®Pro has been coined “The Rolls Royce of Lymphatic Massage”. It’s a unique, full-body workout machine that uses compression and vibration to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. It’s like having a personal masseuse and trainer in one! Visit DESUAR Spa Monterey and experience the benefits of massage therapy, balance training, and cardio all in one convenient session with Ballancer®Pro!

How does it work?

So, how does it work? You simply climb into the Ballancer®Pro suit and let the machine do the rest. The suit is designed to apply gentle compression to your body, improving circulation, reducing muscle soreness, and releasing tension. It works by stimulating the muscles in your body, improving circulation and oxygenation, and reducing inflammation and soreness.

What makes Ballancer®Pro Unique?

The Ballancer®Pro was initially developed for Lymphedema and Lipedema Patients, gaining huge success all across Europe and backed by 40 years of proven clinical studies. The state-of-the-art Ballancer®Pro is known as “the gold standard” for lymphatic drainage, enhancing circulation and recovery as well as reducing muscular aches and pain.  It helps flush out swelling, and eliminate toxins, lactic acid, and muscle soreness. It bridges the gap between aesthetics, wellness, and athletic recovery. Aside from lymphatic drainage, it is also perfect for post-operation recovery, body contouring, weight loss, muscular pain, and aches detox.

What sets Ballancer®Pro apart from other fitness equipment is its customization options. With its advanced computer system, you can personalize your workout to target specific areas of your body, adjust the intensity level, and track your progress. It’s designed to adjust the pressure and vibrations based on your body’s specific needs, ensuring that you receive optimal therapeutic benefits. Whether you’re looking to improve your posture, reduce stress, or enhance your athletic performance, Ballancer®Pro has you covered.

But don’t just take our word for it – try it out for yourself and feel the difference! Many users have reported increased energy levels, improved range of motion, and a reduction in pain and discomfort after just a few sessions. And with its non-invasive, low-impact design, Ballancer®Pro is perfect for anyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fun and effective way to reach your fitness goals, give Ballancer®Pro a try. With its innovative technology, customization options, and proven results, it’s the perfect tool to help you find your balance and lead a healthier, happier life. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Ballancer®Pro session today at DESUAR Spa Monterey and experience the revolution in fitness!

Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss

Lymphatic Massage
Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the most difficult things to do. Though it is very important because it will not only make you look good, but feel good as well, the steps you have to undergo in a conventional weight-loss method takes a lot of patience and determination. Sometimes, even with so much hard work, the number on the scale won’t just move. For sure you really want to get rid of your excess weight and free yourself from face puffiness, body swelling, skin problems, and cellulite. If you are looking for a much easier but more effective way of losing weight, a lymphatic drainage massage treatment might just be the solution to your problem.

A lymphatic drainage massage is a type of treatment that uses natural and manual techniques to improve the body’s lymphatic system by about 20 times as much. The lymphatic system is like a pump that keeps your body fluids constantly moving. It is very important because when it is inactive or blocked, there could be numerous health problems in the body from a buildup of lymphatic fluid, bloating and swelling too much water retention, and compromised immunity. Also, too many toxins accumulated in the body causing unnecessary strain to your internal organs.

In case you have been following a strict diet and exercise regimen but the results you have seen are not as much as you expected and wanted, a sluggish lymph system could be the problem. With that said, a good lymphatic drainage massage could be the solution. As this massage releases toxins that have built-up in the body, your body receives the care it needs and recharges your body by directing energy and blood flow towards the fat cells.

To address these problems, a lymphatic drainage massage uses light pressure and rhythmic movements to prompt lymph flow. This enables our system to get rid of lymph fluid naturally because it will be redirected to the unblocked lymph nodes. Moreover, because the excess fluid is channeled to the body’s natural filtration system, excess wastes and toxins that have been accumulating in the body are eliminated.

Undergoing a lymphatic drainage massage has many health benefits. Among these are the following.

Lymphatic Massage

Reduction of cellulite can be observed.

As the circulation in your body improves because of the application of pressure, cellulite present in your body will be reduced noticeably because of the massage. It is also a good way to prevent the building up of cellulites in the beginning.

The immune system can be boosted.

The lymphatic system plays an important role in the immune response by assisting in fluid balance in the entire body and removing bacteria from tissues at the same time. Increased blood circulation also allows the body to be more efficient in carrying disease-fighting white blood cells throughout the body.

It strengthens the nervous system.

From a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, with improved lymphatic circulation caused by a lymphatic drainage massage, the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) balance of a person improves by increasing the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) activity. This also results in a decrease in risks of having an autoimmune disease, and restoration of homeostasis. Along with this, there is a decrease in physiologic stress, psychological stress, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Skin elasticity is improved.

A good massage such as a lymphatic drainage massage promotes blood circulation throughout your body which encourages new cell growth. This results in an enormous reduction in the number of fine lines and wrinkles in your skin. The massage also improves skin tightness and gives it a youthful and elastic feeling.

Joint pain is reduced.

Because a lymphatic massage improves circulation, tissue swelling, and inflammation that causes joint pain will be lessened.

Lymphatic drainage massage will help you lose weight. There are many times when we cannot exercise regularly so going through lymphatic drainage massage becomes a primary choice. The treatment is also a good way of releasing and disposing of toxins and wastes out of the body. This is very important as excessive amounts of wastes in the body contribute to weight gain.

The massage enables weight loss because of linked benefits like the following:

Lymphatic drainage massage is very relaxing.

Like other forms of massages, a lymphatic drainage massage is very soothing and is good in relieving stress and anxiety making an effective tool to boost one’s well-being. Aside from these factors, stress, and anxiety, are important to consider when losing weight because the increase in cortisol which is the stress hormone, results in a significant weight gain especially when there is an influx of the hormone in the body. Unwinding and continually going for a massage will decrease the levels of cortisol which helps in preventing weight gain related to stress.

Water retention is reduced.

The water composition of the body is about 70 percent and you will have water retention when fluid accumulates in the tissues or body cavities. Usual symptoms for water retention are stiff joints, swelling in your feet, ankles, and hands, and weight gain. Because the primary role of the lymphatic system is to transport and get rid of fluid toxins, excess water that is not needed but is retained in the body is also thrown out through the lymph system. A lymphatic drainage massage promotes the release of water retention because it supports the circulation of the lymph vessels and nodes.

Metabolic rate increases.

A healthy lymphatic system means you also have a healthy metabolic rate. Likewise, a higher metabolic rate indicates that you burn more fat in your body even if you are only sitting or being inactive. A lymphatic drainage massage makes sure that your metabolic rate will not slow down so that you will avoid gaining weight. The results are also long-lasting because your metabolism is raised as time goes by.

Liver and kidneys are supported.

A lymphatic drainage massage supports the liver and kidneys which immensely benefits weight loss. To understand how this works, it is important to note that organs in the body function not individually but as a system. A properly functioning kidney and liver are important for weight loss because these organs are responsible for getting rid of toxins. A good lymphatic drainage massage on these areas promotes circulation and circulation allows the liver and kidneys to detoxify our bodies. Furthermore, organs that are well-functioning support the process of burning internal fat.

However, a lymphatic drainage massage must be avoided by people who are pregnant, suffering from cancer, have inflammation in the body, have blood clots in the legs, and suffers from lymphatic gland inflammation and lymphadenopathy.

A lymphatic massage is truly an effective way of losing weight. It helps with detoxification which will lead to weight loss. Despite this, this treatment is not a magic pill where you can get all the results you want in just one session. Like other manual techniques, a lymphatic drainage massage must be done regularly and continuously to achieve the wanted results. 10 to 12 sessions are recommended to be able to cleanse and boost one’s lymphatic system.

As a whole, the lymphatic drainage massage is an efficient, effective, and convenient way of losing weight without worrying about side-effects or pain and discomfort during the procedure. The most amazing thing about it is that it supports a well-rounded weight loss program.

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