Two treatments rolled into one relaxing experience. Customized classic facial combines marine extracts for inspired and refreshing results. For total relaxation in a simply sublime pairing, begin your visit with our most popular Swedish Massage. Once your stresses are melted away, a soothing Sea Scape Facial follows, designed to replenish and balance your skin. The perfect duo for those looking for a quick fix with head to toe benefits.

Treatment can be upgraded to Deep Tissue (+$15) and add-ons are available for this treatment

  • 100 min. $215 – ($20 savings)


Enhance your lifestyle with this customized package. This treatment uses our Phytomer eco-friendly marine-inspired Crystallized Seawater Scrub that takes away dead skin and leaves limbs feeling soft and moisturized. Followed by a relaxing, stress releasing, Swedish massage to ease tension and loosen stiff muscles.

Treatment can be upgraded to Deep Tissue (+$10) and add-ons are available for this treatment

  • 60 min. $135 – ($20 savings)
  • 80 min. $180 – ($20 savings)

(Eco-Friendly & Water less)

Get your Facial and Wrap on! Two treatments rolled in one heavenly ocean treatment. Start with a sea mineral anti-aging and detoxifying body wrap. Skin toning extracts are absorbed as you receive a soothing massage to aid the firming elixir to immediately penetrate, hydrate, tighten, and stimulate the skin. While you are wrapped enjoy a Radiance Express Facial.

  • 60 min. $225 – ($15 savings)

Relax muscles, exfoliate, smooth, hydrate

Like a dip in the ocean, this treatment is sure to immerse the senses and bring the body back into balance. This unique treatment includes a thorough body exfoliation to assist the body in removing dead, dry skin cells to create a smooth, glowing appearance. A relaxing therapeutic massage is then performed with Relaxing Elixir to melt tight muscles and increase circulation leaving the skin hydrated.

  • 80 min. $185


Aahh, a mini sea escape with all the marine benefits in one blissful treatment. This treatment starts with a Satin Shimmer Scrub to assist the body in removing dead dry skin cells, which creates a smooth, glowing appearance. Followed is an anti-stress muscle relaxing, & tension calming Swedish massage. For a perfect ending note, a classic Sea Scape facial treatment combines all of the skin’s specific solutions of a European facial and much more. Highly concentrated marine products will be used, selected especially for your skin type, to target the improvement of the skin’s functions, and produce exceptional results. No matter the skin type, an awakened complexion with a dewy, radiance is the powerful result.

  • 130 min. $295 ($30 savings)

+$15 for Deep Tissue

Deep relaxation, tissue detox, remineralizing, muscle melter

This all encompassing ocean experience holistically addresses each aspect of well-being. Your body is kissed by a relaxing self-heating mud wrap to release toxins, renew and balance the body. Specific massage techniques work on tight muscle chains to erase muscle tension. Specific pressure points are also manipulated to rebalance the body’s energy flow for a calm, energizing effect. The massage is performed with a combination of mineral-rich seawater and seaside plant oils to fully rebalance the cells of the body while hydrating and regenerating the skin.

  • 100 min. $265

Eco-Friendly & Water less

Enjoy a sea mineral detoxifying and anti-aging body wrap followed by a foot treatment of a self-heating mud that is applied to the bottom of the feet to assist with the detoxification process through the pores in the feet. Finish this amazing treatment with a relaxing refreshing Swedish massage.

Treatment can be upgraded to Deep Tissue (+10), and add-ons are available for this treatment

  • 100 min. $215  –  ($20 savings)

Anti-stress, anti-fatigue, jet lag recovery, relax muscles, moisturize, lymph drainage

Like a swim in a tropical ocean this treatment is sure balance your body, hydrate and calm your senses. This begins with a remineralizing bath for intense balance and well-being.
This unique treatment includes a specialized lymphatic massage performed with relaxing elixir to melt tight muscles and increase circulation, customized per area for your needs.

  • 80 min. $180


Make it last longer! Four treatments rolled into one relaxing experience. Start with a Sea Scrub, followed by a detoxifying Sea Foam wrap while enjoying a scalp massage, continue with a Swedish massage and for the unforgettable experience a Sea Scape Renewal Facial.

  • 180 min. $445

+$10 for Deep Tissue

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