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5 Ways to Get Your Beauty Sleep Without Melatonin or Prescriptions

If you feel deprived of quality sleep, you’re not alone. Sleep deprivation has become an epidemic in this country, and the people affected are not only losing out on a few hours of sleep each night, they are losing some serious benefits for their overall health and well-being. Knowing this, you may be tempted to reach for melatonin or prescription medications to solve your sleep struggles. Before you do, though, try using these safe and effective changes instead:

Buy a New Mattress That Fits Your Sleep Style

While a mattress is a major investment, your bed is the foundation of quality sleep. To find a bed that supports you, you can use mattress-buying guides to narrow down your options according to your sleep style and your budget. For example, DreamCloud gives a memory foam feel and can provide just the right amount of cushion and support for those who prefer to sleep on their back, their stomach, or a combo of both. A softer mattress is typically recommended for side sleepers, and options from brands like Bear and Nectar are some of the top choices for ensuring quality sleep hygiene.

Treat Yourself to a CBD Massage or Treatment

Looking for a natural way to lull your body and brain to sleep at night? Well, instead of reaching for that bottle of melatonin, consider using CBD products. Thousands of people already swear by CBD for improved sleep, but CBD products like lotions and bath bombs may also help relieve feelings of anxiety during the day. If you want to experience the ultimate in CBD self-care, you can also treat yourself to one of Desuar’s CBD indulgences. With Desaur’s CBD-infused massages, scrubs, and soaks, you can melt away your worries and even improve your sleep.

Brew a Cup of Calming Tea Before Your Bedtime

Another effective alternative to sleeping pills can be tea. Choosing the right tea is important when pouring yourself a cup during the evening hours. So look for herbal options that do not contain caffeine, to avoid disrupting your sleep cycle. If you do like to enjoy a caffeinated tea in the afternoon or evening hours, timing that cup just right can also help you develop a better sleep routine. Each person’s body processes caffeine and other stimulants found in tea differently, but cutting out caffeine at least 4-6 hours before bedtime is recommended.

Relax Your Body With Some Soothing Yoga Poses

Practicing a few sun salutations is a wonderful way to start your day with positive energy, but did you know that restorative yoga poses can also be a good way to wind down at night? So get your body moving slowly with calming poses, such as child’s pose or a forward fold. Even resting with your legs up the wall can be enough to soothe your brain and body to sleep. Just like your calming cup of tea, you need to time your evening yoga session just right in order to provide benefits for your sleep hygiene. So try to practice these relaxing poses at least one hour before you plan on crawling into bed, so that your post-yoga energy doesn’t keep you awake.

Create a Sense of Calm and Relaxation in Your Bedroom

Having a soothing bedroom can also enhance your sleep hygiene. Paying close attention to your bedroom decor and organization is important, since clutter and bright colors in the room can lead to less restorative rest. So if you are trying all of the natural tips above and still seeing little improvement in your sleep, consider giving your room a sleep makeover. Get rid of any clutter and replace bold colors with soothing shades. If you have it in your budget, adding a few special touches, like blackout curtains or a diffuser, can also be a simple way to enhance your sleep.

Changing a few key elements in your nightly sleep routine could be enough to change your sleep habits for the better. With simple and effective tweaks, you may be able to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. If these tips don’t help you get the sleep you need, though, it may be time to speak to your healthcare provider about other options for improving your sleep.

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