General slimming, anti-cellulite, localized weight reduction

A slimming combination of freeze-dried seawater minerals and fat-burning micro-algae unite in our therapeutic bath to offer a relaxing way to eliminate extra pounds and cellulite. This bath is the perfect prelude to our Sculpting Care Body Wrap or Sculpting Massage.

  • 30 min. (contouring marine bath) $90

Anti-stress, anti-fatigue, jet lag recovery, relax muscles

An ocean escape without the airplane will benefit those seeking balance in their life. Steeping in a bath containing freeze-dried ocean water minerals offers a profoundly therapeutic effect on the body. These minerals are best absorbed by soaking in the water close to body temperature which will soothe those tight muscles and invigorate a depleted body. A complex of oceanic minerals and trace elements penetrate the skin to thoroughly energize, revitalize, remove stress and rebalance. Candle lit in a private setting.

  • 20 min. $65 (relaxing marine bath)

Pair this soak with a Couples Massage for the perfect romantic getaway and get a discount of $10

Vinotherapy is a self-care regimen and holistic wellness idea dating back to Medieval Times that uses not the wine itself but the leftover residue from winemaking, called the “marc”. When added to bath water it is believed you are absorbing the health, wellness, and benefits of all those gorgeous grapes and all the sunshine, vitamins, and minerals that nature poured into them with during their growth. Including polyphenols like resveratrol, an antioxidant thought to have anti-aging and disease-fighting powers.

  • 25 min. $65

One of the most researched and applauded components of the cannabis plant is Cannabinoids, or CBD. CBD is widely believed to provide excellent pain relief and is also shown to be anti-inflammatory. It is highly recommended for anyone suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, or other inflammatory diseases. This soak contains CBD Oil along with other beneficial ingredients to help ease your pain and discomfort.

  • 25 min. $65

Also known as the “Cleopatra Soak”. A milk bath leaves your skin feeling soft and supple. The fat and protein in the milk provide this benefit. The lactic acid in milk also helps exfoliate and clean the skin for additional softness. It also hydrates the skin, preventing dryness. A milk bath can also help soothe skin irritations associated with eczema or psoriasis.

  • 25 min. $65
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