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Enhance your lifestyle with this customized package. This treatment uses our Phytomer eco-friendly marine-inspired Crystallized Seawater Scrub that takes away dead skin and leaves limbs feeling soft and moisturized. Followed by either a 25 minute hydrating balm apply into the skin to energize and moisturize, or a relaxing, stress releasing, 50 min Swedish massage to ease tension and loosen stiff muscles.

Treatment can be upgrades are available for this treatment

  • 50 min $170

  • 75 min $225

Ocean Breeze Fassage

A facial and massage wrapped into one relaxing experience. Begin with our most popular Swedish Massage to relax and destress you from head to toe. Next, our Seaside Renewal is customized for individual skins needs. The stresses of everyday life melt away! Upgrade to a Deep Tissue Massage for an additional $10.

  • 50 min $160
  • 100 min $280

Marine Wrap Head-To-Toe Facial

Completely Water-less 

The ultimate in sea-based therapies. Begin with a Crystallized Seawater Scrub. Next, envelop your mind and body with our Phytomer Anti-Aging Firming Body Wrap. To finish, our Anti-Aging XMF Facial erases years from your face, revealing a healthy, glowing complexion. This combination of therapies is the ultimate indulgence and results will be evident.

  • 160 min $495

Gems of the Sea

Anti-stress, anti-fatigue, jet lag recovery, relax muscles, moisturize, lymph drainage.

Like a swim in a tropical ocean this treatment is sure balance your body, hydrate and calm your senses. This begins with a remineralizing bath for intense balance and well-being.
This unique treatment includes a specialized lymphatic massage performed with relaxing elixir to melt tight muscles and increase circulation, customized per area for your needs.

  • 80 min $230

time to detox

Relax muscles, exfoliate, detoxify, anti-aging, smooth, hydrate

A specialized body treatment that combines the antioxidant and detoxifying power of botanical extract with the healing benefits of marine seaweed to provide detoxification and anti-aging nourishment to the skin. The skin is first exfoliated with a botanical polish to remove dead skin cells, assist with circulation, lymphatic drainage, and product penetration. Your body will be cocooned with a marine self-heating body mud masque that is applied to the whole body to draw out impurities and detoxify the body. Anti-aging and replenishing cream is then applied to complete a relaxing replenishing hydration infusion that is massaged onto the skin to help with circulation, lymphatic drainage and to ease tension.

  • 100 min $345

Marine Indulgence

This journey begins with a Satin Shimmer Scrub to remove dead skin cells to smooth the skin and restore the skin’s natural glow. Next, a 25-minute hydration balm is massaged into the skin to energize and moisturize. For the finale, the Seaside Renewal Facial delivers therapeutic marine concentrates into the skin to improve function and reveal a clean, healthy awakened dewy complexion.

  • 100 min $315

Ocean Spume Massage

Deep relaxation, tissue detox, remineralizing, muscle melter

This all encompassing ocean experience holistically addresses each aspect of well-being. Your body is kissed by a relaxing self-heating mud wrap to release toxins, renew and balance the body. Specific massage techniques work on tight muscle chains to erase muscle tension. Specific pressure points are also manipulated to rebalance the body’s energy flow for a calm, energizing effect. The massage is performed with a combination of mineral-rich seawater and seaside plant oils to fully rebalance the cells of the body while hydrating and regenerating the skin.

  • 100 min $310

A Taste of Monterey (Available Monday through Thursday only)

Four Express Treatments that leave you craving more! Begin with an Energizing Aromatic Scrub, followed by a 25-minute Foot Rejuvenator Massage Treatment, that includes callus removal, scented foot mask and garden aroma hydration massage therapy. Next, enjoy our  25-minute Ocean’s Crest Massage to destress the upper body, neck, shoulders, scalp and face, and ending with a.Radiance Express Facial for the final facial glow.

  • 100 min $285

oceanside afternoon delight

Make it last longer! Four treatments rolled into one relaxing experience. Start with a Sea Scrub, followed by a detoxifying body wrap while enjoying a scalp massage, continue with a Swedish massage and for the unforgettable experience a Seaside Renewal Facial.

  • 170 min $530

+$10 for Deep Tissue

Couples or Friends Room Experiences

Our couple’s room includes a luxurious walk-in shower for two and tandem treatment tables, allowing you to experience any of our massage, body treatments or facials together in one beautiful room!

Experience this amazing room together with a friend or significant other; your choice. A $20 per hour, per guest, charge will be added for treatments performed in this room. Any of our individual services our packages can be experienced here. Note, that each guest can select their own unique services; however, the time duration for each guest must be the same. The room is blocked in one-hour, two-hour, three-hour and four-hour time frames. Experience an hour or multiple hours of bliss!



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