The HydraFacial md® resurfacing procedure is a wonderful all-in-one way for us to care for your skin. The HydraFacial® cleanses, peel, extracts, unclogs, de-greases, purifies and hydrates the skin for instantly glowing skin with reduction of fine lines, acne, and uneven skin tone, without irritation or downtime. Unlike other systems, HydraFacial® hydrates not with water, but with the Vortex-Fusion® method using Antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate, nourish and protect!


  • Signature Hydrafacial – 30 min. $149
  • Deluxe: includes any booster, mask, LED Light and shoulder/neck massage – 50-60 min. $250

PerkTM is the world’s first hybrid facial to merge an in-office exfoliating treatment that includes take-home products to enhance your skin benefits. It’s that simple. You get immediate results and long-lasting benefits that fit perfectly into your daily life. What can PerkTM do for you? PerkTM caters to your needs, whether you’re in the mood to boost your lips, replenish your eyes, or give your skin that instant glow.


  • EYE TREATMENT Get smooth and perfectly primed lips with key ingredients such as peppermint oil and peony extract that lightly plump your pout. You take-home ½ of the Eye Replenishing Serum to enhance and extend treatment benefits. Soothing Eye Masks are included to calm and soothe under eyes with hydrating cucumber and seaweed extract.
  • LIP TREATMENT Awakens the delicate eye area with energizing green tea extract and citric acid, a natural skin brightener. You take-home ½ of the Lip Revitalizing Serum to apply on your lips, day and night, or whenever your lips need a hydration boost. Plus, protect your pout with Hydrating Lip Balm SPF 30* that locks in moisture

Each treatment can be completed in less than 10 min. $50

This deeper clean, purifying treatment includes an exfoliating enzyme peel on the face and neck that renews the skin, followed by extractions,

a massage and a moisturizing mask to refresh, rejuvenate and balance the skin, improve cell turnover and minimize pores.

(Customized based on skin’s individual needs whether it is oily, dry, sensitive/blotchy or mature)

80-min version adds: a thorough double exfoliation, and L.E.D Light Therapy

  • 50 min. $120
  • 80 min. $180

Buy a Package and Save

  • Package of 3 50 min facials $300 (savings of $60)

It’s the ultimate secret pleasure. This proven facial treatment addresses the major symptoms of acne to help purify and normalize the complexion. First, a mild acid dis-encrusting peel is used to soften the surface of the skin and begin the deep cleansing process. Then a deep pore extraction is performed. Finally, a cool, creamy mask absorbs impurities, while soothing the skin. For optimal results, this facial should be enjoyed frequently and paired with a homecare program.

  • 50 min. $130
  • 80 min. $190

* High-frequency machine & steamer are used during this treatment.*

80-minute version adds: A self-heating, deeply detoxifying mask prepares the skin for extraction while oxygenating the skin and L.E.D. Light Therapy.

Express beauty treatment that exfoliates and moisturizes the skin

This express facial will leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed. A customized cleanse and moisture mask will improve skin and

minimize pores and wrinkles. (no extractions)

  • 30 min. $70

Detoxify + plump skin with moisture for all skin types

After a thorough cleansing and exfoliation process smoothes the skin to renewal, a self-heating pure pore mask is massaged over the

skin to absorb pollutants and sebum based impurities. Skin is perfectly prepared for a deep pore extraction, and then serums and a

final creamy mask re-plump the skin with hydration for a bright, energized complexion. 

  • 60 min. $140
  • 80 min: Includes LED Light $185

Anti- Aging, Instant results for the firm, smooth skin

Enjoy the ultimate in age defiance with this facial that includes the latest ingredients from marine biotechnology to plump the skin and smooth wrinkles. After a thorough double exfoliation and deep cleansing process, a Pro-Youth Massage is performed with massage tools and a skin regenerating concentrate.

This massage provides instant results to relax wrinkles and tighten the skin. Finally, a warm wax mask is painted over the skin to deliver a final dose of Extra Marine Filler to seal in the treatment’s youthful benefits. This facial also includes a re-plumping lip treatment.

  • 90 min. $195

A mild deep pore cleansing facial to exfoliate & steam the skin and open pores. Manually extracting blackheads, whiteheads, and other skin impurities. Followed by a hydrating, moisturizing mask to refresh and hydrate the skin.

  • 40 min. $90

This LED customized facial is designed to focus on your individual skin concerns. LED lights target everything from rosacea, inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, redness, sun damage, sagging skin, and acne. This FDA approved treatment sends low-level light energy into the deepest layers of skin promoting more cellular activities and fibroblast.

This treatment includes a deep-pore cleansing, enzyme mask, steam, light extractions, luxurious serums, customized LED therapy and a revitalizing mask (includes neck & shoulder massage). The final result will be nourished, revitalized, and calm skin.

For best results buy a package of 6 and enjoy 15% OFF.

  • 65 min. $150
  • Series of 6 – $765

Helps result and tolerance of microdermabrasion treatments

This lightening facial illuminates, clarifies skin tone, and reduces hyperpigmentation and dark spots.This is achieved by using advanced professional products formulated to combine dark spot correction with affirmative action on wrinkles and skin luminosity.

Skin is cleansed, exfoliated, then a peel with microdermabrasion a comfort shield mask is used to complete your treatment

  • 60 min. $130

Deeply cleanses and purifies oily or broken out skin

Back facials are great for treating the hard to reach areas of your back. A back facial treatment will help to cleanse, exfoliate the skin

while treating any congestion and reveal brighter and smoother skin.

  • 50 min. $100

Ultra-concentrated acid peel treatment for complete resurfacing effect

This peel provides the skin with a complete resurfacing effect to correct skin defects (large pores, dark spots), smooth wrinkles and bring radiance. With a guarantee of visible and immediate results, this intensive beauty treatment combines manual Micro D exfoliation with a 20% glycolic acid peel. A creamy, soothing, neutralizing mask returns skin to its proper balance so that cell renewal is maximized and irritation is eliminated. 

(Series of four for $350, a saving of $50 – Treatment is performed in 4 consecutive weeks)

  • 50 min. $100​

Revitalize + plump with a customized treatment for dry, mature or congested skin

Combining the healing powers of oxygen and hyaluronic acid with the beautifying effect of vitamins.

The treatment uses pressurized oxygen to infuse a serum of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and peptides into the skin to instantly rejuvenate the skin. This treatment heals, calms, improves blood flow, nourishes and hydrates the skin immediately. It also gives the skin a silky-smooth finish erasing fine lines and wrinkles and your face will be younger, plumped and radiant. Pure oxygen is also anti-bacterial. It kills acne causing bacteria that can lead to breakouts. You will get the added benefits of clean, clear skin. This treatment includes, exfoliantion, serum, and a customized mask.


  • 50 min. $145

By Jurlique

With Cupping Massage

The Jurlique Rapid Radiance Treatment provides fast and effective skin-refining benefits, with a potent, lipid-based exfoliation treatment that can be followed with makeup and a return to activities immediately following treatment. This express dose of Vitamin C leaves the skin bright, smooth and hydrated. (Includes steam)

  • 25-30 min. $70

By Jurlique

With signature massage (gemstone amethyst wand)

A powerful triple-phase Vitamin C treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines to leave skin refreshed and beautifully luminous. Plant-based antioxidants are utilized to revive dull, fatigued skin. A thorough cleansing and exfoliation is followed by a revitalizing facial massage. (Includes steam and light extractions)

80min version adds Purelift pro (facial toning) & Microdermabrasion; extra time for extractions and massage.

50 Min – $140

80 Min – $185

By Jurlique

Amazing things are possible when organic ingredients meet state-of-science technology. This potent pairing of Jurlique products and the Purelift pro (facial toning) EMS device, offers instantly visible improvement in the lifting, firming, line smoothing, and plumping of the skin. (Includes light extraction & steam)

60 Min – $150

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