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Copper Tub Health Benefits

Soaking in a hot tub is one of the most relaxing and pleasurable activities that you can do at home. Because of this, dipping in a bathtub has been very popular for a very long time. The Romans had their bathhouses and the Japanese have their onsen which is a hot spring with bathing facilities and traditional inns situated around the spring. Other countries even make this as part of their culture and traditions.

The amazing thing about going for a hot tub bath is it has many health benefits. For example, it can alleviate your mood. Since going into warm water feels so good, bathing in a bathtub can diminish any feelings of depression or pessimism according to Neil Morris, a psychologist. Dr. John Harcup, the chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee for the British Spa Foundation, adds that bathing can offer you a feeling of isolation, quietness, and comfort, and submerging in warm water is very comforting and securing as it is like being in a womb. Soaking in a bathtub is helpful both for the mind and body.

A nice warm bath could also calm the nerves and relieve any pain connected to multiple sclerosis because the warm water can soothe the spine. In addition to this, the water is good at helping support weak muscles of the limb making it an amazing option as a soothing agent for Parkinson’s disease. A hot tub bath could surely take care of your brain and nervous system.

Hot baths in a tub can also very helpful in making you sleep better. For those who have a difficult time sleeping or those who are insomniacs, you could finally get a good night’s sleep of eight hours. Studies show that a warm bath one or two hours before bedtime can significantly improve your sleep. The science behind this is your body temperature needs to drop in order to initiate a good sleep. When you take a warm bath, the body brings large amount of blood flow to the surface, especially the hands and feet. This blood flow brings the heat from the core to the surface and causes a drop in body temperature. When your body temperature drops, it stimulates the production of melatonin which is the sleep hormone. Submerging yourself in a hot tub will elevate your body temperature and exiting will quickly cool it down which stimulates the production of the sleep hormone.

handsome man relaxing in a bathtub

If you are suffering from muscle pain, a nice hot bath is your best option. This is because heat will make your blood get moving which is great for circulation and relaxing sore and tight muscles. Adding Epsom salt in your hot bath could also help in reducing inflammation in your joints which are caused by muscular diseases like arthritis. This is also good for those who have metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Soaking in a warm bath is also helpful in keeping your heart healthy. Researchers reveal that taking a warm bath regularly helps in reducing blood pressure which is a factor that causes many serious heart conditions like a stroke or heart attack. Having a hot bath in your tub is like a mini-workout because the heat induces blood to flow and circulate better. Aside from this, a warm bath can help burn calories. It is even proven to be much better than water aerobics or hydrotherapy. Also, it can burn as much calories as taking a walk.

Sometimes, a cold and flu cannot be avoided especially during the cold seasons. Hot baths work well for bad coughs and stuffy noses because of the steam released from the hot baths. This steam can relieve congestion that is caused by inflammation in your nasal passages as it makes the blood vessels in your face and nose move and loosens the mucus blockage. A bath with such temperature is also good in keeping your immune system in good shape. A warm bath can also improve your lung capacity and make the intake of oxygen more effective making you breathe better.

Hemorrhoids are very difficult to cure but a warm bath can make you feel better because the heat can lessen the pain. Try having a long workout then take a 20-minute hot tub bath that contains Epsom salt. This will surely give you relief especially if you also add witch hazel, chamomile, arnica, tea tree oil, and oak bark in your warm bath.

Hot baths can also soothe irritated skin. Though super-hot baths will cause more irritation to your skin, a mixture of beneficial essential oils such as olive, coconut, oatmeal, and lavender can help in hydrating and healing your dry and irritated skin. Additionally, the great aroma is also good for boosting your mood and relieving your stress.

With all of these, installing a bathtub in your house, if you do not have it yet, is a beneficial thing to do. If you are still deciding which one to purchase, a copper hot tub could be the best option out there.

Copper is known to be a very attractive metal that is not only sturdy but very workable as well. These characteristics make this element widely used in manufacturing to almost anything including bathtubs.

Though copper bathtubs could be quite pricey, this would surely be a good investment because it does not only give a feeling of luxury but can survive for hundreds of years. Just think of the numerous health benefits that you derive from it.

In the 1960s and 1970s, hot tubs and whirlpool baths became popular because bathing was not only recreational and a communal activity, but bathing had therapeutic benefits as well. Wooden tubs used to look like large barrels positioned in the backyard of houses. Today, modern bathtubs like copper bathtubs could be installed in bathrooms for the convenience of users. Copper was not a common material for hot tubs before, but it became increasingly popular due to its aesthetic appeal and durability. Copper tubs are very easy to maintain especially that they are not easily scratched. Its blemishes are also healed naturally making it more beautiful as it ages.

More importantly, copper tubs can offer numerous health benefits. Aside from those benefits derived from any other hot tubs, studies reveal that bacteria can only survive in copper for hours thus copper tubs have antimicrobial qualities that make it a more hygienic choice. To add to this, copper is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as an antimicrobial material. It is also mold-resistant making it very sanitary.

Copper has also a healing effect on connective tissues and joint movement by reducing inflammation that is related to rheumatism, osteoporosis, arthritis, tendonitis, and sports injuries. Also, copper tubs are good for people who need additional trace elements in their diet such as copper. Your body can absorb small amounts of copper as your skin touches the copper tub.

Copper tubs have also other benefits that are noteworthy. One is that it can heat up more quickly and maintain the heat longer. Upon the contact of hot water with the surface of the copper, the tub heats faster because of the metallic properties or the conducting effect of the material. These make a copper tub advantageous over ordinary tubs. Also, copper bathtubs are very deep allowing you to submerge your body totally in the water giving you the most enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Tubs made of copper are also environment-friendly as it can be recycled. Since it retains heat longer, you will not need to add more water, so water is conserved.

A copper hot tub is a relaxing way to replenish your body with this essential element. Enjoy a nice warm bath with copper and get all the benefits it offers.

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