5 Reasons You Should Get a Spa Day In During the Holidays.

5 Reasons You Should Get a Spa Day In During the Holidays.

The holidays have officially started and holiday shopping is underway. Whether you’re looking to gift a friend or family member to help rejuvenate and relax them as we go into 2018, or you simply want to take some much needed time out of your day to regroup and reflect on 2017, we’re here to give you a few reasons to take advantage of our day spa services at DESUAR and kick your new year off right.

1. Everyone deserves to relieve stress and look and feel good. 
Stress can cause headaches, tension, muscle soreness, irritability and a number of other physical and mental negative effects. Taking some time to pamper yourself for a spa day will allow you to relax and regroup. Our Swedish and S&M massages are ideal treatments that focus on releasing tension and tightening in the body. While our Express Radiance facial will renew your skin to give you a healthy and youthful glow.

2. Improve your athletic performance.

Our Deep Tissue massage is customized to help loosen muscles to alleviate pain. This is very useful for clients who like to workout and may carry tension in their muscles. This particular massage therapy can also help reduce headaches, soft tissue strains, sports injury and joint pain, while encourage blood flow. Consider incorporating a regular massage program into your workout routine. Your body will thank you.

3. Detoxify. 
DESUAR’s body scrubs and wraps are designed to rid impurities and hydrate the skin, while our massages help the body release toxins. Purifying your body through detox helps to boost your immune system – giving you stamina, focus, and energy. Our Lymphatic Drainage massage has been designed specifically to clear blockages, eliminate toxins and increase metabolic function.
4. Disconnect.
All day long we’re bombarded with non-stop disturbances; from our phones, to our computers – it just doesn’t stop. Take just an hour out of your day to put all of that aside and focus on YOU. Turn off your phone and take some time to embrace peace and quiet.  We promise your body, mind and spirit will thank you. If timing is an issue, Our Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Reflexology 30 min massage treatments have all been developed to give you a full spa experience – all during your lunch break.
5. Gain a sense of renewal. 
Improve your health (both mental and physical) by taking some time to pamper yourself. The spa is an ideal place to reflect and focus. By removing yourself from the constant hustle and bustle of the city and taking just an hour to regroup and center your mind, body and spirit, you’ll feel energized and ready to conquer everything that greets you when you walk out the door. Our Dina Special massage gets the job done and leaves you feeling rejuvenated, both mentally and physically. While the Sea Scape Renew Deep Cleansing Facial provides a deeper clean that purifies and renews the skin.
Day spa services
DESUAR Los Angeles has something for everyone and every occasion. Take advantage of any of the services listed above, or customize your next visit with one of our packages. For a full menu of our services, please view our menu.
We encourage you to bring in your new year the right way – with self love and self care.
See you in 2018!
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